Police arrest three more suspects from Nagpur for converting thousands of people to Islam

The Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh has arrested three more suspects from Nagpur, Maharashtra, in connection with the case of more than thousands of people to Islam. During the investigation, the UP Police found that these three were involved in the conversion racket.
Police arrest three more  
The men have been identified as Rameshwar Kaware alias Adam (29), Bhupriyavando Mankar alias Arsalan Mustafa (29), both residents of Nagpur, and Kausar Alam (50) of Dhanbad in Jharkhand.
ATS claimed the three men were associates of two clerics, including Umar Gautam, four others, who were arrested last month for allegedly converting “more than a thousand people” to Islam by luring them with money, jobs, marriage, among others.
So far, in connection with the case, UP Police has arrested six persons identified as Mufti Kazi Jahageer Kasmi, Mohammad Umar Gautam, Mannu Yadav alias Abdul Mannan, Irfan Sheikh, Rahul Bhola and Salauddin Sheikh. They were accused of running a “nationwide conversion racket”.
UP Police said that Umar Gautam, who embraced Islam, is the prime accused of the case. The conversion racket allegedly targeted non-Muslim women, the unemployed and poor, by promising them a good education, marriage, jobs, money and other things. Moreover, Gautam and his associates are also accused of collecting money through the hawala route.