Third mass grave of children sparks row on Christianity and conversions in Canada

Third mass grave of children found with 182 bodies near a former Catholic residential school for the indigenous children in Canada. The graves were found at the St. Eugene's Mission School, which was operated by the Catholic Church from 1912 till the 1970s.
Third mass grave of child  
In May 2021, the first mass grave with 215 children was found at one of Canada's largest residential schools named the Kamloops Indian Residential School, funded by the Canadian Government and run by the Catholic Church.
The second mass grave of around 751 bodies was found in June 2021, on the site of the Marieval Indian residential school.
According to the IBC World News, MD, Development Interlinks International, Dr Ajith Chandran who has conducted research on the First Nations communities in Canada, tells India Narrative that the conditions of the native people are far from better. Chandran says: "While there are changes over the years, systemic issues continue to exist in the treatment of indigenous people. There are disproportionate numbers of indigenous people who are homicide victims and unemployed. They are also more likely to leave the education system early, live in crowded areas and have health issues, specifically mental health".
British newspaper The Guardian says: "Between 1867 and 1996, the Canadian state abducted more than 150,000 Indigenous children from their parents and forced them into these schools as part of a campaign of forced assimilation. Thousands were subject to physical, emotional and sexual abuse".