Registration begins for Indore's Jain pilgrimage centre

Indore, July 23: On the occasion of Republic Day, every year the pilgrimage of Shikharji, the biggest pilgrimage of Jain society is taken out by Digambar Jain Samaj Youth Cell Indore from Indore. The preparations for that journey have started with the registration of passengers for the trip. It will be held from Jan 21 to Jan 27, 2022.
Registration begins for I 
Chief convenors Rahul Sethi, Piyush Raoka, and convenor Suyash Jain said, “A special train has been arranged through IRCTC for the journey to Shikharji located in Jharkhand state.” Under this, the yatra will start from Indore on January 21, 2022, and it will reach Sammed Shikhar on January 23.