Christians convert tribals by giving Rs 5000 per month

An attempt of religious conversion of tribals came to light in Sohagpur village located in the Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. Some villagers have alleged that Christian missionaries attempt to convert them by giving five thousand rupees every month. A girl from the village has complained about this matter to the police against four people.
Christians convert tribal 
According to the complaint, four accused named Hiralal Baiga, Parvati Baiga, Sanju Baiga and Thanuram Yadav came home a few days ago and asked her to read Bible, gave Rs 5000 and urged her to embrace the Christian religion. The victim said that the accused told her that they would give Rs 5000 every month if she left the Hindu faith to adopt the Christian religion.
After a few days, these missionaries came and asked her about the reading of the Bible. When she said that she was not ready to read the holy book, the accused asked her to return their money. Since then, they started pressuring her to convert. She further alleged that the missionaries threatened to kill her if she did not convert to Christianity. The complaint was lodged at Sohagpur Police Station, Bansal News reported.