KCBC supports Pala Diocese's initiative to increase Christian population in Kerala

Kerala Catholic Bishop Council (KCBC) appreciated the initiative taken by the Pala Diocese to increase the Christian population in the State. The statement issued by KCBC said that the parents have the right to receive children and nurture them as per their faith and circumstances. 

KCBC supports Pala Dioces  
Few days ago, Pala Diocese has declared some schemes to Kerala Christians who have five or more than five children. Following are the benefits -
1. ₹1500/month for couples married after year 2000.
2. Scholarship at St Joseph’s College of Engineering & Technology, Pala Diocese.
3. Mar Sleeva Medicity Hospital, Pala Diocese, will cover pregnancy-related expenses
Fr Joseph Kuttiankal, head of the Family Apostolate under the church, had said, "It's a reality that the population of the Christian community is going down. Our growth rate is less. That is also a reason but the immediate reason is to provide assistance to the large families."
Christian constituted 18.38 % of the total population of Kerala. Christianity is India's third-largest religion having 2.3 % population of the total population in India.