Gulf countries provide finance for conversion racket in India

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Anti-Terrorists Squad (ATS) has found that Gulf countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia have funded huge money to carry out conversion activities in India. The UP Police have been investigating a case in which thousands of people had found converted to Islam. The police had arrested several people so far. Maulana Umar Gautam, who converted to Islam from the Hindu religion a few years ago, is the prime accused in this case.
Gulf countries provide fi  
According to the Aaj Tak report, UP ATS found that Umar Gautam, who was running the Islamic Dawa Center, was funded by a Dubai-based person named Mustafa Shaikh. His name came to light during the investigation of bank accounts of all accused. Mustafa had sent money through the hawala service, which is banned in India. The police also found some connections linked to the Kerala State, where lots of Islamic organizations are running for many years and having huge foreign fundings.