Filmmaker refuses to change title 'Eesho' after opposition from Christians

An influential Christian outfit in Kerala has alleged that titles of two upcoming Malayalam films directed by Nadirshah insult Christ and have sought renaming them. However, the filmmaker has refused to change the titles. 
Filmmaker refuses to chan 
"I have the backing of the directors' union, which felt that if the titles are changed, in future it would be difficult to give a title for a movie," Nadirshah said. "The tagline 'not from the Bible' was given for the film 'Eesho' to avoid confusion. But since it created controversy, we have already dropped the tagline," he said.
The protesting Christian groups also drew a parallel between Eesho and Keshu in the second movie's title — they said that, too, amounted to an insult to Christ. The outfit also sought a probe into the funding of the movies, saying the titles were intended to insult the Christian faith.