"Nobody will be left alive if they don't believe in Jesus," say pastors to Chenchu tribals in Andhra Pradesh

A group of Church pastors forcibly encroached on Chenchu tribal settlements, instigating and forcibly imposing Christianity on the indigenous community by issuing a serious death threat. The incident reportedly happened on August 4, 2021, in the village hamlet of nomadic Chenchu tribals named 'Chenchu Colony' in Balijepalli Village of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh.
Nobody will be left alive 
On July 28, 2021, a group of pastors allegedly visited the same tribal village for proselytization activities. The tribal people had welcomed the pastors with their traditional tribal honours and requested not to thrust Christianity upon them and destroy their ancestral faith and beliefs.
However, despite the appeal by the tribal community, a mob of pastors had come from faraway places and trespassed into the tribal hamlet. They allegedly issued death threats by saying that nobody would be left alive if they don't believe in Jesus.
They had also challenged tribal people to try and stop them and deliberately sang Christian gospel songs to instigate them. In addition, they had allegedly forced upon Christian views on tribal women and children to convert them.
The SC-ST Right Forum, a non-profit organization working for the rights of Scheduled Castes, has revealed that the said activities were being supported financially by a pastor named Vijay Kumar, who belongs to CGTI Ministries Ravulapalem Town located in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Earlier in 2017, the police had arrested the infamous Pastor Vijay Kumar for his hate speech against India and Hindu Gods and Goddesses.