Extinction of tribes due to their conversion, says Megha Oraon

The president of the Adivasi Sarna Vikas Samiti, Megha Oraon, said that religious conversion is one of the reasons for the extinction of tribes in India. She claimed that the tribes’ conversion is happening due entry of outsiders. She was speaking in a lecture on the subject Extinction of Tribes. The lecture was organized in the Central University in Ranchi, Jharkhand, News 11 reported.
Extinction of tribes due  
(Pic via twitter @sauravw91 which claims the Church on illegally occupied tribal land is converted to ‘Sarna Bhawan’ in Jharkhand.)
She said, "There has been a massive conversion of tribes. Outsiders distorted the worship practices of the tribal society."
"About 700 tribal societies reside in India. All the tribes have different traditions, customs, and rituals. Tribal communities have unwavering faith in water, forest and land, have faith and belief in nature," she said.