Villagers hand over a Christian missionary to the police in UP

Villagers have handed over a Christian missionary to the police after a conversion allegation by some villagers in Turkpatti, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. The villagers alleged that the youth was trying to convert the innocent villagers to Christianity. Villagers have observed that some villagers are worshipping as per Christian religion. When they asked about it, they came to know that the missionary told them that they are following the wrong faith and insist them worship as per the Christian religion.
Villagers hand over a Chr 
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According to the villagers, the accused's sister was settled in the village after marriage. The accused first took his brother-in-law to Mumbai and converted him to Christianity. Since then, the family left their original faith and started following Christianity. After the conversion of his sister's family, he began converting other villagers. Some villagers filed a complaint against him at a village head. They called the police. Police recovered many Bibles and other religious materials from his house during the investigation, Amar Ujala reported.