Public pressure forces Congress-led Chhattisgarh Govt to work on conversion threat to tribals

After public pressure and several complaints, Congress-led Chhattisgarh Government initiated some schemes to prevent the religious conversion of tribal people to the Christian religion. The State Government has started annual funding of Hindu temples.
Public pressure forces Co 
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State Industry Minister Kawasi Lakma said, The Chhattisgarh Government has been funding tribal communities to develop and maintain their traditional places of worship, known as Devgudis, so that they are not lured by anyone to convert to another religion."
The Minister further said, "To ensure that conversions do not take place and people do not visit churches, the State Government has been providing ₹5 lakh (each) to 'Devgudis' and ₹10 lakh to 'Ghotuls' in Bastar…We want our temples and Devgudis to be in good shape."
However, the Hindu activists criticized the statement issued by the Minister. A Hindu activist Gauri Shankar Srivas claimed that Lakma's statement was "contradictory to the realities on the ground".
Talking to the Hindustan Times, the activist Gauri Shankar Srivas said, “A month ago, the Sukma police chief asked officials for strict surveillance over the activities of Christian missionaries and the converted tribals, and now Lakhma is saying that no conversion is taking place. Both the statements are contradictory."