NCPCR seeks action against Christian Pastor Prophet Bajinder Singh

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) wrote a letter to Mandip Singh Brar, Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh, seeking action against a Christian Pastor named Prophet Bajinder Singh, who was seen using a minor boy for carrying out unusual superstition activity. The Commission noted that the minor boy was seen crying in the video, and the body language of both the prophet and the child seemed unusual.
NCPCR seeks action agains  
On examining the said complaint, the NCPCR noted that it has come to the Commission’s notice that several such videos are available on social media in the name of Prophet Bajinder Singh Ministries, The Church of Glory Wisdom, Chandigarh.
The NCPCR noted that prima facie, it appeared that such videos promoted superstition and used children for such purposes, thus violating the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.
Further, the Commission also pointed out that nobody in the video was seen even using the mask and followed the social distancing norms, a violation of COVID protocol guidelines issued by the Government of India.
The Commission has taken cognizance under section 13 (1) (j) of the CPCR Act, 2005 and directed the Deputy Commissioner to inquire into the matter and furnish an Action Taken Report within the next seven days.