Man returns to Hindu faith from Christianity in Jharkhand

A Hindu man, who was converted to Christianity by a Christian missionary after temptation, has reconverted to the original faith in Hazaribagh District in Jharkhand. As per Vedic ritual, he has embraced Hindu religion and removed a locket having cross.
Man returns to Hindu faitAfter reports of religious conversion, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Manish Jaiswal visited the village. During his visit, he urged the people not to leave their original faith and explained to them a conspiracy of religious conversion activities by Christian missionaries.
However, many tribals have been converted by Christian missionaries in several villages in Jharkhand. The State is one of the backward and is also dominated by tribal communities. Moreover, many conflicts have also been reported between tribals and Christian missionaries. However, after knowing the reality, the converted villagers have started reconverting to their original Hindu faith.