People carry out a protest against religious conversion in Jharkhand

After Christian missionaries reportedly converted over two hundred innocent villagers, other villagers have protested to oppose it. Due to this protest, the converted villagers started reconverting to their original faith in Hazaribagh.
People carry out a protes 
(Photo Credit: Dainik Jagaran)
One of these reconverted families said they had taken this step due to temptation, but now they realized their mistake. They are identified as Anil Murmu and his wife Urmila Murmu. The villagers have kept a ritual of their reconversion on September 11. On that day, many converted people will be returned to their Hindu faith after the Vedic rituals.
The villagers said that the missionary school operating in the village is the main center of religious conversion. They only enroll children from families who regularly attend church services and have a cross and a picture of Jesus in the house.