UP Police arrests a Christian missionary on conversion allegations

Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested a Christian missionary after a resident filed a complaint against him in Azamgarh. Many residents have informed the police earlier regarding the illegal religious activities conducted by the missionary. However, after the complaint, they took action.
UP Police arrests a Chris 
SP Sudhir Kumar Singh said that Jittu Sonkar, a resident of Saraimandraj, told in the application to the police that a person resident of Varanasi has been spreading Christianity illegally in the village for a long time and attempting to convert the people. Jittu Sonkar alleged that he is distributing Bible and other religious books among the Scheduled Caste people to convert them to Christianity.
The police have arrested the missionary after the written complaint. During the investigation, the missionary admitted that he has belonged to the Church organization located in Varanasi. He told police that the Church organization is giving him money to spread the Christian beliefs among non-Christians. However, the police still investigating the case, Amar Ujala reported.