Pope Francis expresses shame over Holocaust by Christians against Jews in Slovakia

Pope Francis paid tribute to the thousands of Slovak Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. Speaking at a former Jewish neighborhood in the capital Bratislava, Francis sharply criticized "the frenzy of hatred" in World War II as well as continuing anti-Semitism.
Pope Francis expresses sh  
During the war, Slovakia was governed by a Nazi regime that was led by Catholic Priest Jozef Tiso. Under Tiso and his regime, all democratic parties were banned in Slovakia. He also signed several anti-Semitic laws and deported over 70,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps in Germany, DW reported.
The issue is a sensitive one in the Catholic Church, with many church leaders reluctant to admit the church's role in the Holocaust, news agency DPA reported, quoting former parliamentary speaker Frantisek Miklosko.
The Catholic Church has also been criticized in Slovakia for not condemning Tiso or especially distancing itself from him.