Christian priest issues apology over remarks on Ezhava people

Kerala's Christian priest issued an apology after his controversial statement went viral on social media. In his comment, Father Roy Kannanchira claimed that Ezhava youngsters are also targeting girls belonging to the Christian community. 
Christian priest issues a 
While speaking at a webinar for Sunday schoolteachers, Fr Roy Kannanchira, who heads the Deepika Children's League, said nine girls belonging to a Syro Malabar parish near Kottayam have eloped with Ezhava youngsters in one month.
"We are talking more about "love jihad" and "narcotic jihad". Along with it, our children are getting attracted to other sections as well," he said, adding that he has information that it is a strategically planned move and that the young men are even getting training for it. "We are not cautious; that is one of the biggest crises that we face," the priest said.
After the video of the speech went viral, the priest expressed regrets in another video shared via YouTube and apologized for the remark if it has hurt anybody.
“I spoke about the youths from the Ezhava community while I was sharing a few anecdotes about youths from other faiths eloping with girls from the Catholic church without the knowledge of the parents. I understand that this has pained some of my brothers from the Ezhava community. I apologize and express regrets to everyone who was hurt by my statement,” he said.