Mumbai based Raza Academy to protest against Saudi Government

Raza Academy Chief Saeed Noori organized a meeting of Ulemas in Mumbai, Maharashtra and condemned the Saudi Government's decision to open Cinema Halls and other means of entertainment in Madina. Raza Academy alleged that the Saudi Government has no right to violate the sanctity of Madina.
Mumbai based Raza Academy   
Saeed Noori alleged that the new crown Prince Mohd Bin Salman is acting on behalf of the USA and Israel. His behaviour is hurting the global Muslim Community, he said.
Raza Academy has decided to protest against Saudi Regime on September 23. They chose this day because, according to them on this day, the Saud family captured Madina illegally.
Saeed Noori further said that the Islamic holy books named Quran and Hadith have issued a decree to protect the Ummah-e-Muslimah. The Saudi Government is promoting music, plays, and various types of dances etc. which are forbidden in Islam. It will not be tolerated at all, he said.
Another elderly, Maulana Mahmood Alam Rashidi, said that Saudi Government is a stigma for Muslims. They are eradicating Islam in Saudi. The Muslims of the world should take strict notice of their unlawful acts, he said.