Christian priest criticizes Thackeray Govt for not opening Churches

Catholic priest Father Warner D'Souza - Director of Archdiocesan Heritage Museum & a Parish Priest of St. Stephen's Church, Bandra, has criticized the Maharashtra Government for not allowing the Church to open.
Christian priest criticiz  
On his social media profile, he wrote, "Is it the Government's assertion that we priests are incompetent to be able to enforce Covid appropriate behavior in our Churches, but owners of malls, restaurants, bus drivers (with due respect for the service they do) and public transport is more capable? And let's not talk of public markets that have NO SUPERVISION of Covid appropriate behavior."
By tagging Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Father Warner D'Souza further wrote, "We appreciate what you have done for the State, but your closure of our churches (and I speak for our churches) is unjustified. Is economics greater that our spiritual nourishment? Does the Government listen only to traders and not the voice of God's children?”
He was the same Christian priest who criticized Kumbha Mela, which took place in Uttar Pradesh. He called Kumbha Mela a super spreader event. He had raised a question on this religious gathering.