Syro-Malabar Church issues statement supporting Pala Bishop's comment on narcotics jihad

Without naming any political leader who criticized the priest, the Public Affairs Commission of the Syro-Malabar Church said in a statement that those who made an issue out of his speech called it "communal and religious hatred" – two words that "can easily be sold in present day Kerala". 
Syro-Malabar Church issue  
"The ongoing controversy over Pala Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt's remarks is unfortunate. It's clear he never spoke to defame any community, religion or creed. He also stated the same. At the same time, he warned of some organized anti-social activities. They (the leaders) forgot the fact that the speech was made at a Church addressing its followers. Some politicians and media, through their interventions, presented the priest's speech as an issue between two religions. Such a wrong presentation paved the way for controversy and meaningless discussions," the Church said in its official statement.
The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is the second-largest Oriental Catholic Church and a Major Archiepiscopal Church based out of Kerala.