Terrorists use Hindu converts in terrorist activities in India

Delhi Police and Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) found that Zheeshan Qumer, arrested for involvement in terrorist activities, hid the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in a Poultry farm in Dandi, Uttar Pradesh. The police found that Zheeshan placed many Chicken eggs to hid the IEDs. To maintain this poultry farm, he took the help of a family whose head was converted to Islam from the Hindu religion.
Terrorists use Hindu conv 
(Photo Credit: Live Hindustan)
According to the Live Hindustan report, the elder son of that family was missing since ATS started the investigation. However, it has been said that his younger brother has been arrested for further investigation. At the same time, the police have seized the poultry farm.
The man who was embraced Islam was initially a Hindu. He started living with a Muslim woman a decade ago. After some time, he embraced Islam and got married to that woman. He has two sons and a daughter. Zeeshan had come in contact with the said family a few years back.