Saudi Muslims support while Indian Muslims oppose opening of cinema halls in Madina

Mumbai based Raza Academy has carried out a protest against the Saudi Government for opening ten cinema halls in the holy city of Madina. However, the local Saudi Muslims have welcomed the decision taken by their Government.
Saudi Muslims support whi  
The Raza Academy had given the call for the protest on Twitter against the decision of the Saudi Government. Several hundreds of Muslims have joined the protest online and used hashtags -"#BanCinemaInMadinaShareef", "#ShameOnYouSaudiGovt".
According to the online protestors, the city of Madina is most sacred for Muslims alongside Mecca. The Prophet Muhammed migrated to Madinah following 13 years of persecution in Mecca, and his final resting place is also located in Masjid e Nabawi, Madina. Hence Muslims are opposing the move of the Saudi Government.
On the contrary, there has not been any opposition from the Saudi residents to the decision.