Church priest steals money to buy drugs for sex parties, arrested

A Roman Catholic priest has been arrested for stealing $117,000 from his parish to buy drugs for sex parties. A well-respected Italian priest Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, has been under house arrest, The Times reported.
Church priest steals mone  
The media outlet said that police began investigating the Roman Catholic priest, who is from the Italian Catholic Diocese of Prato, in Tuscany, after receiving a tip-off that his roommate had imported a liter of the “date rape” drug GHB from the Netherlands.
Police said that the Church priest and his roommate used online dating sites to invite guests to their drug-fueled raves.
The priest, reported to have dropped out of medical school to dedicate his life to religion, is accused of withdrawing more than $117,000 from his parish’s bank account.
Spagnesi also allegedly stole money from church collection plates and asked parishioners for money, convincing them that they were raising funds for underprivileged families, the media outlet reported.