Sectarianism in Islam: Pak Muslims demand removal of Ahmadiyya Muslims from key posts

A Khatm-e-Nabuwat Conference that was held on September 12 under the aegis of Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan presided over by JUP (Punjab) Deputy President Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Saleem and the Ulema, demanded that the Government should remove Qadinias (Ahmadiyyas) from key posts, ANI reported.
Pak Muslims demand remova 
The International Forum for Right and Security (IFFRAS) said that in that conference, the Ulema said that Ahmadiyyas deny the end of the Prophethood and are traitors of Islam.
IFFRAS said that the organizations are documenting the systematic persecution endured by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at the hands of religious extremists and State institutions.
The international community has highlighted the Ahmadiyya Muslim community persecution in Pakistan.
Siobhain McDonagh MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, UK, in a letter (Dec 2020) to the Pakistan High Commissioner in the UK, expressed concern over reports of efforts to target, harass and persecute Ahmadi Muslims, including the murder of an Ahmadi doctor in Punjab and killing of two Ahmadis in Peshawar in October and November 2020.