After threats from Muslim groups, book publisher issues apology over content

Andhra Pradesh based book publishing agency issued an apology over a published content on which the agency received threats from Muslim groups in the State. The Muslim groups have called it Islamophobic content. The director of school education clarified that the objectionable photograph was not published in the Government prescribed textbook of 8th class but in the Question Bank prepared and published by VGS Brilliant Series publication, a private firm.
After threats from Muslim(File Photo)
The director said in a statement that appropriate action will be initiated against the publishers responsible for this. SIO's Telangana chapter had a strong exception to the picture of a 'terrorist' showing him holding a rocket launcher in his right hand and carrying the holy Quran in his left hand. It was published in the chapter 'National movement - the last phase 1919 -1947'.
(Photo Credit: The News Minute)