Kirtankar Tajuddin Maharaj Shaikh passes away in Maharashtra

A famous kirtankar Tajuddin Maharaj Shaikh passed away while performing kirtan in the Dhule district of Maharashtra. His kirtan was organized on the occasion of the seventh day of Dyaneshwar Maharaj Parayan Saptah.
Kirtankar Tajuddin Mahara 
Although Tajuddin Maharaj belonged to the Muslim community, he had adopted the lifestyle of the Warkari Sampraday. He always raised awareness about the propagation of Hindu 'dharma'. He had performed thousands of kirtan on Hindu saints and their literature. He used to start his kirtan by chanting Jai Jai Shri Ramkrishna Hari. He had brought several Muslims to Warkari Sampraday and also closed down abattoirs. He had also set up Hindu monasteries (Ashram) in the Dhule district.