Intelligence agencies claim terrorists can target Jewish sites again

Indian intelligence agencies have issued a country-wide terror alert ahead of the Jewish holidays in September. The alert has been conveyed to all police heads in the country for the safety and security of Jew people. It clearly mentioned that Jew people are on the hit list of a terror organization, ANI reported.
Intelligence agencies cla 
(Photo of Jewish Chabad House taken after 26-11 Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai)
"Jewish holiday to start on September 6 onwards as per intelligence input, terror groups can again target Israeli citizens or Jewish sites which hold religious value," read the alert.
Security personnel deployed at Jew dominated places like the Israeli embassy, consulate staff and residences, Kosher Restaurant, Synagogues Chabad house and Jewish community centre, have been asked to be vigilant.
Jew people have also been targeted during the infamous 26-11 Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai.