Christian pastor claims villagers beat him over forced conversion allegations

A Christian pastor has claimed that he was beaten by an angry mob over forced religious conversion allegations. The incident took place in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The pastor has been identified as Harish Sahu. He claimed that he was beaten in the police station. He and his associate filed a complaint against several people and an in-charge of the Purani Basti Police Station.
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Villagers have filed a complaint against Pastor Harish Sahu for converting innocent people forcibly to Christianity. Accordingly, the police called him to ask him about the allegations. Villagers were also present when the pastor, along with his associates, visited the police station. He refused the allegation, and the dispute took place. According to the pastor and his associates, the angry villagers beat them inside the police station.
Pastor Harish's associate named Ankush Bariyekar, Chhattisgarh Christian Forum General Secretary filed a complaint against villagers. The case is under investigation, Patrika News reported.