Christian missionaries fail to convert 1000 innocent people by superstition in Maharashtra

Pune 4 Jan: A social media post claimed that the activists of various organizations stopped the illegal conversion of nearly 1000 innocent people. According to the Facebook post, social activists and local leaders visited the programme organized in Bethany resort located in Maval taluk in Pune district and shut down the programme after finding conversion conspiracy. Activists found that the missionaries tried to convert more than 1000 innocent people. The village head and some local political leaders also intervened in the controversial programme and asked to shut down.
Christian conversion 
(Photo taken at Bethany Resort and posted on social media)
The activists found that more than 1000 people from neighboring villages and various parts of Maharashtra gathered together. According to the activists, the food was arranged for 2000 people and the programme was arranged for three days. The resort owner Richard Swaminathan denied telling the purpose of a massive gathering amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. As a result, some activists, village heads, and leaders of various organizations entered inside the resort, where they found massive copies of the Bible and religious materials.