Jharkhand's tribal families leave the Christian faith after feeling guilty

Lohardaga: Tribal families left Christianity after feeling guilty for four years. Some Christian missionaries converted them in 2017. The villagers convinced them. Since the conversion to Christianity, they had stopped performing their traditional rituals. Total nine tribal people have left Christianity.
They renounced Christianity and returned to their original faith by performing rituals. They feel terrible after giving up their original religion. For four years, the local leaders tried to convince them of the renouncement of Christianity. Now, these families also took an oath that they would not leave their tradition and faith at any cost, Dainik Jagaran reported.
It has been alleged that several for some decades, the Christian missionaries have converted lakhs of tribal people across the State. However, to get benefits, they have not changed their religion on Government’s records. After experiencing the Christian way of living, these tribal people now started leaving the Christianity and returning to their ancestor’s faith.