Christian priest pressurizes tribal a man to embrace the Christian faith

Madhya Pradesh Police registered a case against a church priest for forcing a tribal person to embrace Christianity, luring him by offering free education and treatment.
Forced Conversion to Christianity 
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Based on the complaint filed by the complainant, Alirajpur police booked one Vikalson Devarkiya, a resident of Alirajpur under Section 3 (the act says that no person shall directly or indirectly by using force, allurement or fraudulent means convert any other) and 5 (prohibition of conversion from one religion to another by the use of force or allurement or by fraudulent means) of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act 2021.
According to the Free Press Journal (FPJ), complainant Jagesingh Dodwe, 31, a resident of Dawar Falia, Vagdi, Nagpur tehsil of Alirapur district in his complaint against priest Vikalson, accused him of pressuring and luring to accept Christianity.
FPJ reported that Jagesingh, who belongs to the Bhilala community and is a farmer, claimed that in the middle of October month, he felt severe stomach aches and illness. After visiting the nearby hospital, there was no respite from the stomach ache.
Later through some local villagers, he comes to know that a priest at the nearby Semalpati village church will cure his illness.
On October 23, he visited there, and Vikalson Devarkiya, a priest at the Church, asked about my name and other details. Later he sprayed some water on me and assured me that my health problem would be resolved, complainant Jagesingh said, FPJ reported.
Vikalson told Jagesingh to accept Christianity and started praying to God. He even asked him to pray in the Church and clapped.
He asked Jagesingh to visit the Church every Sunday, and even the complainant visited the Church for the next two Sundays anticipating it would cure his health problem, but to no avail, FPJ reported.
Later, Jagesingh told Vikalson that there was no relief for him even visiting Church every Sunday. On this, Vikalson starts pressuring him to accept Christianity and stop praying to Hindu Gods. He lured him by offering free treatment at the hospital and good education at the convent schools for his children, FPJ reported.
Upset with Vikalson's behaviour, Jagesingh shared the entire incident with his friends Vijay and Samrath Pachaya, who subsequently decided to take police help in the matter, FPJ reported.

Forced conversion FIR 
They lodged a complaint against Vikalson, and after a preliminary investigation, police booked him under relevant sections of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act 2021.