Survivors claim Italian Church records only last two years sexual abuse cases

Survivors heavily criticised Italy Church after it claimed that it has provided its first accounting of clergy sexual abuse having 600 cases. Survivors claimed that the report only accounted for cases in the last two years.
Italian Church sexual abuse 
The report of the Italian bishops’ conference, which only covered complaints that local Italian church authorities had received over the last two years, did not mention the hundreds of cases. Instead, it identified 89 presumed victims and some 68 people accused.
But responding to a reporter’s question during a press conference about the report, Monsignor Giuseppe Baturi, Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Italy, revealed that the bishops’ conference was researching 613 files held at the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.
The report said 89 people had made reports in the past two years and identified 68 abusers. It found most victims were between ages 15-18 when the abuse took place, though 16 were adults whom the church considered “vulnerable.”
According to The Associated Press, whether by Government mandate, parliamentary investigation or church initiation, such reports in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and France identified systematic problems that allowed thousands of children to be abused by Catholic priests. In France, a panel of independent experts estimated that 330,000 children were sexually abused over 70 years by some 3,000 priests and church personnel and that the crimes were covered up “systematically” by the church hierarchy. That report, and a spate of revelations about high-ranking abusers, has sparked a crisis of confidence in the French Catholic Church.