India to set up its first International Buddhist University in Tripura

Shakya Gasan, the chief monk of the World Buddhist Pope Organisation of South Korea, laid the foundation stone of the International Buddhist University, the first in India, in Tripura. Delegates from seven nations, including Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh, have attended the programme.
International Buddhist University in Tripura 
Dalai Lama, who could not attend the programme due to health issues, in a message, said he hoped that the university will fulfil an important role, not only in Tripura but also throughout the Northeast and beyond, in making better known India's long-standing traditions of 'karuna' (compassion)and 'ahimsa' (nonviolence).
The university is being set up by the Bahujan Hitaya Education Trust (BHET). Students from 31 countries will get a chance to study and research Buddhist literature, culture and tradition. Besides, there is also a plan to establish medical, technical and general degree colleges on the campus.