Delhi High Court allows Sikhs to carry ‘kirpans’ on flights, dismisses PIL

Delhi High Court dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the permission accorded to Sikhs to carry ‘kirpans’ while travelling on civilian flights in India.
During the hearing, the Delhi High Court said that it was of the opinion that the decision to grant exemption to Sikh passengers for carrying kirpan has been arrived at by the Government after due deliberations, and the issue involved in the PIL is entirely a matter of “policy decision”.
“A reading of the counter affidavit filed by Director General, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Government of India / respondent no.5 shows that adequate precautionary and security measures are being taken by the Government to ensure safety of passengers, crew, aircraft, ground personnel and the general public. This Court is, therefore, not inclined to entertain the instant PIL. The PIL is, accordingly, dismissed,” the bench said, PTI reported.