Conflict between Muslims Christians surfaced in Kerala

After a rise in the Muslim Christian population in Kerala, the State has been experiencing conflicts between these two communities. Media reports claimed that Father Antony Tharakkadavil of Tellicherry Archdiocese has been charged with wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause a riot. The case was filed after complaints from Muslim groups.
Muslims & Christians 
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In the FIR, a Muslim group claimed that the priest made derogatory remarks about halal food and love jihad.
The Arabic word "halal" means "permissible or lawful." Islam teaches its followers to consume meat processed following permissible methods, including prescribed forms of slaughter.
"Love jihad" is a term used to describe Muslim men feigning love to marry non-Muslim women and convert them to Islam.
This is not the first time that Christians and Muslims have locked horns over love jihad, narcotic jihad and halal food.
Bishop Joseph Kallarangattu of Pala drew the wrath of Muslims during his homily at the nativity celebration of Mother Mary last September when he spoke about the dangers of love jihad and narcotic jihad.
He said that Muslim terrorists want to promote their religion and to see the end of non-Muslims, for which they used love jihad and narcotic jihad.
After a video of the homily went viral, several Muslim groups staged a protest and demanded action against the prelate.
Bishop Kallarangattu said he had only quoted statements by former State Police Chief Loknath Behera, who said Kerala had become a recruiting centre for Islamic terrorists. He refused to apologize for his comments.
The Christian League in Kerala has called for promoting non-halal meat among community members rather than the halal meat popular among the Muslim community.