Church Abuse: 68 allegations of child abuse by Christian priests surfaced in Spain

Spain administration started the investigation of 68 cases of alleged sexual abuse of minors by Catholic Church staff. Such cases have also surfaced in other countries, including India.
child abuse  
According to a report published by Reuters, the prosecutor's office released a spreadsheet with the criminal cases launched in 17 Spanish regions into alleged sexual abuse of minors in congregations, schools and other religious institutions but did not provide any details. Suspected abuse of children has been in the spotlight in the country since El Pais newspaper reported two months ago it had found 1,200 cases reported between 1943 and 2018.
Many cases have surfaced in which children, nuns & sisters have been exploited sexually inside the church so far across the world. The churches are getting bankrupted day by day due to the expenses of compensation to victims & the legal process.