'They converted me to Islam & changed my name to Quafiya'

Nagpur: A Hindu girl belonging to Nagpur, Maharashtra came home after experiencing the Islamic way of living. She was entrapped in the love of a Muslim man named Sabir Shaikh. After her conversion to Islam, she married Sabir. However, within a month, she decided to leave Sabir's home after being harassed & abused by the family members of Sabir.
Love Jihad 
(Image Credit: Saam TV)
While talking to Saam TV, the victim said that she was converted to Islam by her lover Sabir Shaikh in Delhi. Later she married Sabir in the masjid, and her name was changed to Quafiya. After some days, the family members started abusing her. After experiencing the Islamic way of living, she decided to come back home. According she contacted her parents, who later approached a Hindu organization. The activists of that organization reached Delhi immediately and brought her home.
Saam TV reported that it is a case of Love Jihad, which means the conversion of a Hindu girl to Islam by entrapping her in love. To curb such cases, governments in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat made anti-conversion laws after observing a significant number of conversion cases.