Church agrees to remove their loudspeaker after residents play Bhajans on loudspeaker

Communal tension was reported after a church in Yamunanagar, Delhi, performed a Christian prayer with a loudspeaker. The police reached the site after several complaints were received from residents. To counter the Church loudspeaker, the residents played Bhajans on the loudspeaker. After this counteraction, the Church agreed to remove the loudspeaker, Amar Ujala reported.
Christianity in Delhi 
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This Sunday (March 13), the Church performed prayer with a loudspeaker whose volume reportedly disturbed the non-Christian residents. The residents requested the Church to decrease the volume; however, Church denied it and continued their prayer, which was started from 10 am to 12 pm. After the conflict, the residents filed police complaints.
Prayer with the loudspeaker was not the regular practice of the Church. The residents raised the question on this move of the Church. Every Sunday, local Christians, including newly converted Christians, gathered together to perform the prayer. The residents alleged that although the loudspeaker was kept inside the Church, its sound spread towards the whole colony due to its high volume. They further alleged that the Church people never decreased the volume even during the death happened in the colony.
As a result, to counter the Church loudspeaker, the residents played the Bhajan and Kirtan on loudspeaker. After this action, the Church agreed to remove the loudspeaker.