Five men attempt to kill father of a son who married to Muslim girl in TN

Five Muslim men have been arrested for an attempt to kill a Hindu father who opposed his son's conversion to Islam. The incident took place in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Arun Kumar, son of Kumaresan, had married a Muslim woman Sahana. The girl's family reportedly asked Arun Kumar to convert to Islam. But Kumaresan opposed this demand. Enraged by this, the girl's relatives conspired to murder Kumaresan.
Conversion to Islam 
One of them, Sadam Hussain (29), was sent to murder Kumaresan using a gun. Hussain tried to flee at the sight of police alerted by which they arrested him. Upon investigation, he confessed that he was sent to murder Kumaresan. Based on his confession, Bakrudeen (54), Imran Khan (39), Mohammad Ali Jinna (47) and Ramveer (20) were immediately arrested, The Hindu reported.