Forced Conversion: Woman stages protest outside Dist. Collector office

A woman in Tamil Nadu staged a protest outside Nagappatinam Collector's Office over the inaction of police on her allegations. She alleged that her husband refused to live with her after she refused to convert to Christianity. The victim has been identified as Vimala Devi, a 26-year-old mute woman.
Forced Conversion 
Vimala Devi, a woman from Nagappatinam, was married off to one Shankar on July 4, 2019. Shankar lived with her only for 15 days and left for Singapore to work. Vimala Devi has accused her in-laws of forcing her to convert to Christianity after he left. But as she refused to do so, she was thrown out of their house. Since then Vimala has been living with her mother.