'I want to say that this was nothing but love jihad'

A case of forced conversion, rape and blackmailing came to light in Bangalore, Karnataka. After winning the battle with death, the victim accepted that she was trapped in the 'Love Jihad', a term used where Hindu girls were trapped in love by Muslim men to convert them into Islam. The victim was admitted to a hospital after her Muslim husband stabbed her 23 times with an axe. The victim has been identified as Apoorva Puranik. The incident came to light after the journalist Chiru Bhat published a recorded video of the victim on his Twitter handle.
Love Jihad 
Apoorva Puranik, a 26-year-old MBA graduate, came in contact with Ajaz, a 30-year-old Muslim auto driver, during their college days. Ajaz told her that he used to drive a part-time auto to complete his studies. They became good friends with each other. But one day, he raped her, recorded a video, and then started blackmailing her. According to Apoorva, Eijaz used to threaten her and her mother. However, in the year 2018, when she agreed to get married, she was asked to convert to Islam. According, after her forced conversion, her name was changed to Aarfa Bano.
While talking to the media, Apoorva said, "Every document was signed without my consent. I want to say that this was nothing but love jihad. He didn't even take care of me. My brainwashing was done in such a way that I didn't even listen to my parents."
Apurva further said that after the marriage, he forced me to cook non-vegetarian food and forced me to eat it. When she came to know that Eijaz was already married 14 years ago, she left the house and came to her parent's house. She said that accused used to send her obscene messages in Urdu.
While talking to the journalist, Apoorva stated that every Hindu girl should marry a Hindu boy. Apoorva said, "Please marry in Hinduism and not an outsider as their traditions and our traditions are different. It becomes difficult to adjust there. If we want to preserve our culture and civilization, we must marry within the Hindu community."