'Quran is the source of all the sciences in the world'

Taliban Government in Afghanistan closed the schools for girls above grade six. Mawlawi Saeed Ahmad Shahidkhel, Deputy Minister of Human Resource and Administration, announced that schools for women from the sixth grade will be closed until further notice. "The great Quran is the first and largest source of all the sciences in the world," he said.
After the Taliban regime came back to power in Afghanistan, female students were disallowed from attending the schools. The Taliban then released an update claiming that girls could return to school in March 2022.
"The leadership hasn't decided when or how they will allow girls to return to school," a Taliban spokesperson said. In urban areas, such as the capital city of Kabul, school is mostly still in session at the grade and university levels, but in the rural areas, sending girls to schools is still taboo, the spokesperson informed the media.