US-based human rights body officially recognizes the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide

The International Commission for Human Rights and Religious freedom (ICHRRF) has called upon the Government of India and the Government of Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir to acknowledge and recognize the 1989-1991 atrocities of Kashmiri Hindus as an act of genocide, IANS reported.
Kashmiri Hindu Genocide 
International Commission for Human Rights and Religious freedom is a US based non-profit focused on upholding Human Rights and Religious Freedom through continuous monitoring, policy intervention and collaboration.
ICHRRF held a special public hearing on the issue of the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide (1989-1991) on March 27, 2022, during which a number of victims and survivors of ethnic and cultural cleansing testified under oath and submitted evidence.
Profoundly heartbreaking, several Kashmiri Hindu victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing and exile from their homeland courageously shared their traumatic stories of endurance, survival and recovery from atrocious human rights violations at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists that mirrored the Jewish Holocaust. Thousands of homes and temples were destroyed. Over 4,00,000 Kashmiri Hindu men, women, and children were forced into exile by Islamic terrorists at gunpoint, ejected from their homes and everything they've known. Women were gang-raped, cut into two pieces with a saw and killed in the most brutal manner.
"These victims seek to rectify complicity and silence. They respectfully request recognition, acknowledgement, tribunals, justice and rehabilitation. Recognition is the first step in healing these traumas that impacted families socially, economically, medically and spiritually. This genocide should never be allowed to happen again," the body said.