Asif turns Akash, traps a Hindu girl in love by fraud

A rape case has been filed in the Bareilly Police Station, Uttar Pradesh, by a teenage girl. She alleged that a Muslim youth introduced himself as a Hindu to her and trapped her in love. Later he kept the physical relationship forcibly. The police tried to arrest the accused on her complaint, but he managed to escape, according to Zee News.
Love Jihad 
(Image credit: Zee News)
A Hindu girl was trapped in love by a Muslim youth named Asif, who introduced himself as Akash and Hindu by religion. The girl left home without informing the parents and started living with the lover. Later, she realized that her lover was not a Hindu by religion but a Muslim. She left his home and filed a complaint at the police station.
She told the police that Asif had told her to leave her home. He has given her sleeping pills for her parents so that she can leave home comfortably. She further told the police that Asif used to give her drugs and kept a physical relationship for several months. She told the police that she was addicted to drugs also.