Church denies religious services to converted Christian artist in Kerala

Kerala church denied religious services to a converted Christian artist because she performed in dance events in the temple on Hindu devotional songs.
converted Christian 
While talking to ANI, Bharatanatyam dancer Sawmya Sukumaran said that she has been receiving backlash from her own Christian community and added that she was denied religious services from the church as she began performing at Hindu temples.
Sukumaran, a Christian, had earlier claimed that she was asked not to perform at the Koodalmanikyam temple in Kerala due to her religion. Sukumaran had claimed to have been banned from performing in the Koodalmanikyam Temple dance festival on religious grounds.
Sawmya Sukumaran said, “I told them my father was a Hindu and converted to Christianity after marriage. They said there would have been no problem if the venue had been outside the temple, but since this programme will be conducted inside, it would be difficult. I stepped back then”.