Teacher arrested for allegedly defaming Prophet Muhammad and Quran

Bangladesh Police are investigating an allegation against a school teacher in Narayanganj of defaming the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran during a class.
Police said that Hridoy Chandra Mandal was taken into police custody on March 22 in the face of protests by students. He was later sent to jail through court. Hridoy Chandra Mandal is a teacher of math and science at Binodpur Rajkumar High School under the Panchshar Union.
On March 20, Hridoy was conducting a maths class of the tenth grade at the school when he allegedly said that the Prophet (PBUH) was a prudent person and he wrote the holy book himself and promoted it. The teacher said that Islam derived from science.
He also told the students that they should shun the path of such a religion and follow their own will. Students at the class became enraged and recorded the speech on mobile phones. They went to the headmaster and complained against the teacher. The school authorities allegedly told the students not to take any step on the matter.