Muslim criminals celebrate Ramzan from jail in UP

Muslim criminals convicted for various crimes started celebrating the Islamic festival Ramzan from jail in Uttar Pradesh. The jail administration provided the items required for Ramzan fasting. Additionally, the jail administration also provided the Quran and permitted the Quran recitation inside the jail.
According to Doon Horizon, out of the total Muslim criminals, 93 males and five women have kept Ramzan fast. The specific food ordered for these prisoners. They began five times namaz and started reciting Allahu Akbar, meaning Allah is greatest, five times a day.
In some countries, the observance of Ramzan has been restricted. In the USSR, the practice of Ramzan was suppressed by officials. In Albania, Ramzan festivities were banned during the communist period. However, many Albanians continued to fast secretly during this period.
China is reported to have banned Ramzan fasting for officials, students, and teachers in Xinjiang since 2012. Radio Free Asia alleged that residents in Kashgar Prefecture were encouraged to report those who fasted to the authorities.