Celebration of Hindu festivals and opposition by Muslims

After some communal incidents were reported in Madhya Pradesh over the celebration of the Hindu festival Holi, the opposition is now observed over the celebration of the Hindu New Year in Rajasthan. Communal violence and riots have been observed during both recent Hindu festivals. On both occasions, Muslims opposed the celebration and disturbed the communal harmony in these states. However, the Muslims have celebrated the Islamic festival Ramzan peacefully across the country. Then the question arises, why does the celebration of the Hindu festival trouble Muslims?

Hindu Persecution 
Incident in Madhya Pradesh
Before looking at the Rajasthan incident, let us look at the Madhya Pradesh incident. While celebrating the Holi, a communal clash took place between the tribals and Muslims. In this clash, one tribal died, while six others were injured severely. The area where the violence occurred was Muslim dominated. The violence took place in the Khamaria village of Silwani tehsil in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. Muslims constitute 36 per cent of the total population in the Silwani tehsil, according to the Census 2011.
The children belonging to the tribal community were celebrating the Holi. Due to some disputes over the celebration of Holi, a clash between tribals and Muslims was observed. Due to the dominance of the Muslim community in the area, a large number of members of the community carried out the violence in which houses and shops of tribals were also set on fire. In this violence, a 22-year-old Raju was shot dead. The police have arrested 13 out of the 16 accused. Several injured tribals were admitted to Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal.