Notice issued to 125 mosques over loudspeakers issue

Bengaluru Police on April 7, issued notices to 125 mosques to use their loudspeakers within the permissible decibel levels, said Kamal Pant, Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru.
loudspeakers on Masjid 
According to the police, a total of 301 notices have been served. Of 301, 59 have been given to pubs, bars and restaurants, 12 to industries, 83 to temples, 22 to churches and 125 to mosques across the city.
Maulana Maqsood Imran Rashidi (Imam Jamia Masjid City Market) told ANI that they have received a notice from the police department and they will follow the order which has been given as per the directions of the Supreme Court related to the decibels of the loudspeaker.
"Many mosques have received the notice. We have been told to maintain the sound level. They have said that the directions issued by the Supreme Court need to be adhered to and if the orders are not followed, then action will be initiated," the Imam said.
He further said that they have started fitting the device, which ensures that the sound does not cross the permissible level and no one is disturbed.