Court grants police custody to Muslim cleric over conversion

Although religious conversion law has been enacted in Uttar Pradesh, fraudulent conversions are still going on in the State. UP Police arrested Muslim cleric along with one other who allegedly converted a Hindu youth to Islam by enticement.
Forced Conversion  
(Photo Credit: Aaj Tak)
The youth's conversion came to light when he started keeping Ramazan fasting and started conducting five times namaz. The incident was spread among the community. Lekha Singh filed the complaint, which claimed that Maulavi Gulvez and Nadim instigated son Gulab Singh for conversion to Islam by enticement.
After investigation, both the accused Nadeem and Maulvi Gulvez were taken into custody, and both of them were interrogated, and then the truth of the incident came to light. After presenting them in court, both were sent to jail. The case is under further investigation.